Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center is located on the high plains of Southeastern Colorado just three miles west of the rural town of Walsenburg, Colorado in Huerfano County. At an altitude of 6200 feet, our climate is mild, with cooler summers and warmer winters, and the air is crisp and clean.

Under a contract with the State of Colorado, the health center is operated by the Huerfano County Hospital District, a Colorado Special District, directed by a 5 member, county-elected Board of Directors.

Overlooking Lathrop State Park, with the spectacular Spanish Peaks serving as the backdrop, our health center consists of these visible units: Spanish Peaks Hospital, Colorado State Veterans Home - Walsenburg, Spanish Peaks Family Clinic, Spanish Peaks Specialty Clinic and the Spanish Peaks Outreach Clinic. Also located on our campus is a dialysis center, owned and operated by an international provider of dialysis services.

Financial Assistance at Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center

This assistance is available for those patients who are uninsured and are at 250% of federal poverty level or less, and for those who are not eligible for CICP. (CICP/Compassionate Care ratings: Z N A B C D E F G H I)

  • Colorado Indigent Care Program (CICP) for emergency room and inpatients
  • Compassionate Care for clinic and outpatients for Huerfano County Residents
  • Prompt Pay discount of 30% for payment at time of service
  • Reduction of charges by 10% for uninsured patients for medically necessary care
  • Payment plan is available
  • Financial Counselors are available, by appointment, to assist. Please call (719) 738-4544 to schedule.

Please view the Financial Assistance Information page to see our policies and sliding scale fees.


Asistencia Financiera En Spanish Peaks Regional Health Center

Esta ayuda esta disponible para aquellos pacientes que no tienen seguro y tienen un 250% del nivel federal de pobreza o menos, y para aquellos que no son elegibles para CICP. (CICP/Cuidado Compasivo clasificaciones Z N A B C D E F G H I)

  • Indigentes de Colorado programa de cuidado (CICP) para sala de emergencia y hospitalizados
  • Cuidado compasivo a pacientes ambulatorios clinica y de los residentes del condado Huerfano
  • Pago en punto descuento del 30% para el pago en el momento de servicio
  • Reduccion de los cargos por un 10% para pacientes no asegurados PARA la atencion medica necesaria
  • Plan de pago esta disponible
  • Asesores Financieros están disponibles, por la cita, para ayudar. Por favor llame al (719) 738-4544 para programar.

Por favor vea la pagina de informacion de asistencia financiera para revisar nuestras politicas y escala de pago.

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